Jeans have always been considered as an apparel of comfort. Be it high-waist, lose jeans, tapered jeans or skinny jeans. Skinny people usually adore skinny denim jeans, after all, in the beginning it would appear these people were made for one another. However, it is a myth as skinny jeans may not necessarily compliment skinny people all the time. Plus size women of all ages look great in skinny jeans, if they put them on with a fleece dress, or maybe long top rated, that insures their bottom area, as a result hiding exactly what the skinny denim jeans reveal. But do we see people wearing skinny jeans these days?

Even at the NYFW this season, though denim was pretty much all over the map, there was not much room for skinny jeans. Everyone got the memo that the skinny jean trend has run its course. Many fashionistas have different opinions whether skinny jeans are dead or they might bounce in fashion. Some say that ‘skinnies are the best. Many other styles may come into fashion but skinny jeans have come to stay.’ Some say that skinnies will stay forever.

However Bloomberg reports beg to differ. According to Bloomberg, sales of skinny styles are flagging. This is prompting retailers to stock their shelves with something new. Celebrities, street style stars, bloggers, and other taste-makers are hanging up their trusty skintight denim in favor of looser styles, like denim with giant flares, straight-leg jeans, and the classic boyfriend silhouette.

Now mind you, this is not the first time that the fashion industry’s has pointed that skinny jeans might just fade away. Even the Fall 2014 collection shows that skinny jeans may not be here to stay. There are finally hard numbers to back up those claims—denim sales took a dive over the past 12 months, while sales of women’s pants grew twice as fast as those of women’s apparel in general, reaching $8.2 billion-mainly due to sale of slouchy slacks, according to market research firm NPD Group.

If you look at the entire scenario from a trend perspective, you will see that people are setting their skinny blues aside and are preferring athletic and leisure brands. The tight skinny jeans has no place within this year’s buzzy normcore trend – it’s a strictly mom-jeans-and-overalls movement. There was a case recently where a 35-year-old woman spent four days in hospital on a drip after her skinny jeans caused her to collapse in agony. The woman lay on the ground for four hours before being rescued by paramedics, who had to cut the constricting trousers off her legs. Now isn’t this an unusual case? It may be. But it highlights an important issue. Is skinny jeans safe to use or do people just wear it to make a style statement?

So what does this mean for the rest of us? If you’re nowhere near ready to trade your skinny jeans for wider, softer styles, I say don’t worry—trends come second, while comfort and confidence always come first. But if you are looking to shake it up and experiment with some less-constricting silhouettes this season, you can always chose from various alternatives that you might prefer. Who knows that you might actually like the other apparel and may ditch your skinny jeans.

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