America's Most Expensive Law Schools

A graduate degree in Law from one of USA’s law school is a dream for aspiring lawyers. For the majority of students, law school can be an extremely costly endeavor. It’s a well-known fact that most law students graduate with up to six figures of loan debt from their legal educations alone. There’s no shortage of lawyers in this country. Only 57 percent of 2013 law school graduates obtained full-time legal jobs nine months after graduation.

With most of these leading institutions charging heavy fees, studying law is an expensive proposition due to the high tuition fees, room charges, cost of books and other expenses. Here are the list of most pricey law schools.

9. George Washington University Law School

The total cost of the graduate program in law offered by this institution is $238435. Nevertheless, merit and need based aids are available.

8. Duke University

Located in Durham, NC, Duke University is the 10th best law school in the US. Tuition and fees come upto $53,596 per year (full-time).

7. New York University Law School

The total cost of the graduate program in law offered by this institution is $245,780.

6. Cornell University Law School

Cost: $246,013. Assumes all-debt financing with accumulated interest, median grant award, and projected tuition increase.

5. University Of Southern California Gould School Of Law

Reports confirm that the “University Of Southern California Gould School Of Law” has grabbed the fifth spot for the most expensive law schools in the country. The educational institutional is located in Los Angeles and charges a staggering annual tuition fee of $52,814. Apparently it has been ranked in the 27th spot in the category of the best law schools in the US.

4. Fordham University School of Law

“Fordham University School of Law” situated in New York City has taken the 4th spot for the most expensive educational institutional in the country. With yearly tuition fees of $ 50,370, it claims to be one of the few schools in the country in terms of post-graduation placement opportunities provided at the top U.S law firms.

3. Stanford Law School

Stanford Law School has positioned itself in the 3rd spot among the most expensive US law schools. The California based university charges a high tuition fee of around $ 51,000. Founded in 1908, it reportedly possesses a big library of more than 5, 00,000 books.

2. New York University Law School

New York University Law School is in the number 2nd position in this list. The university charges yearly tuition fees of approximately $53,200. Established in 1835, it has at least 10 courses specializing in various legal domains like public interest, criminal law and innovation.

1. Columbia Law School

Columbia Law School has bragged the top spot in the list of the most pricey American law schools. An education at Columbia Law School comes with a hefty attached price tag of $ 55,916 per year. However the institution does offer a loan forgiveness program for those special students who work in the public services.

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