9 Fittest Female Celebs

They are hot, they are curvaceous and they have the right to kill with their jaw-dropping fitness levels. If their gravity-defying backsides don’t impress you, their rock-hard abs certainly will. Here’s a list of 9 of the fittest beauties on the planet.

• Rachel Bilson :
• The star of Hart of Dixie swears she isn’t a gym rat, even if her bikini body begs to differ. She said that her favorite form of exercise is dancing. Instead of hitting the gym, Rachel says she prefers playing tennis with friends, hiking, or popping in a yoga DVD.

• Halle Berry :
• This all around beauty is the perfect mix of everything. She is athletic yet voluptuous, toned and superbly proportioned. Like fine wine, her body continues to get better with age. Her body truly broke the mold, and no one else compares.

• Jessica Biel :
• There are many good reasons why Jessica Biel constantly takes our fittest female crown. There’s her 2010 hike to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, her fit-and-fun lifestyle (including biking around town with Justin Timberlake), and her enviably toned physique.

• Kate Hudson :
• When Kate’s not running after her two sons, Ryder and Bingham, she catches a Pilates session or dance class. She’s also a fan of Core Fusion, a mix of yoga, Pilates, ballet, and strength training.

• Vanessa Hudgens :
• You would mostly catch her in a gym. The brunette beauty has been caught grinning while flaunting her toned body while coming out of the gym.

• Salma Hayek :
• Her secret to looking young is enjoying life. While the actress does take care to exercise and eat right she uses juices from her Cooler Cleanse line to help her get back on track after a particularly indulgent period. she knows that overexercising and undereating is a recipe for disaster.

• Jennifer Aniston :
• Another perfect example of what seems to be reverse aging. She has one of the most fit bodies in Hollywood, and is infamous for the amount of time she she gives to maintenance of her hair, skin and body.

• Bar Rafaeli :
• The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model has a kick-butt workout—literally. Her trainer takes her through different martial-arts style kicking sequences that work the abs, butt, and legs.

• Gwen Stefani :
• She owes her fitness to nothing but her strict regime: weightlifting, boxing and cardio are a must in her daily fitness itinerary. She prefers working out ‘like a man’.

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