7 Features That Bring Bad Feng Shui To Your House

The idea of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment is the gist of feng shui(literal translation as wind-water). Feng shui mainly aims at using chinese philosophies to make your life positive and prosperous. From a bathroom facing the front door to a staircase in the center of a home, learn to identify the main negative feng shui aspect of any home and know how to balance their challenging energy. These are the seven features that bring bad feng shui to your house.

1. Feng Shui Problems in Your Main Entry:
The energy in your main entry determines the quality of energy that enters the home. Do you want vibrant, healthy, fun and nourishing energy in your home? Then be sure you main entry is feng shui – friendly. Find out the feng shui bagua area of your main entry and Create a strong, welcoming “landing space” for energy.

2. Master Bedroom Over the Garage:
As a general rule, a bedroom over the garage is not good feng shui for two main reasons. Garages have a lot of moving, “in and out”, unsettling energy, which is the opposite of the energy you want to cultivate in the bedroom. A bedroom over the garage has a very unstable energy foundation and will not promote good relaxation and sleep.

3.Bathroom Facing the Front Door:
A bathroom in the center of the house is usually considered bad feng shui. If the bathroom is facing the front door, most of the energy will easily escape through the bathroom, leaving little or no good feng shui energy to nourish your house.

4. Mirrors facing one another:
Oh, I am so mad at my building for doing this in my glamorous lobby—it is the one thing I will not miss when I move! Two mirrors facing one another on opposite walls create a vortex of energy bouncing between the two that is challenging, stuck and very aggressive. This is an instant vibe-killer for sure, especially when the mirrors are large that face one another.

5. Long Narrow Hallway:
Long narrow hallway is a bad feng shui if not taken care properly because the energy of a long hallways has a combination of bad energies and stagnant energy. Not to despair, though, as there are few home design challenges that cannot be improved with smartfeng shui decorating!

6. Dead plants in your home or on the patio:
If you want to send the message that life enters your home to die, by all means keep dead plants everywhere! Otherwise, please keep up with your houseplants. It takes very little to plug a watering schedule into the calendar of your smart phone these days. A corollary to this one: don’t let silk plants get covered in dust. It’s just like killing them, letting them sit dirty in your office or your home. Plants should always be thriving, well-maintained and “happy” looking!

7. Staircase in the Center of A Home:
If you have a staircase in the center of your home or office – no matter the design, materials and colors – you might want to look into applying specific feng shui cures in order to balance its energy. As a general rule, a staircase in the center is not good feng shui and needs a bit of care and attention.
The great thing about feng shui is that you can always improve any space, and it’s usually quite easy to do. I say this as I semi-patiently wait for the plumber to fix a leak! Good luck in making your own positive moves!

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