50 Cool Small Businesses

Today is as good as any to start your own business.Small Businesses are growing at a tremendous rate.People are willing to take the plunge into uncertainty inorder to get rich or die trying.The question is are you?If you arent then be ready to get inspired by the 50 coolest small businesses that use new unconventional ways to turn a profit:

1) Big Gay Ice Cream:

BGIC, which is known for its shakes, whips up cool flavor combos with ingredients like crushed Nilla wafers, pumpkin butter, and key lime curd, but even cooler are the names they give their recipes

2) Blacksmith:

Blacksmith is a coffeehouse with a killer attitude. It pays homage to Queen, and has a photo of lead singer Freddie Mercury on the wall. You can easily listen to a queen song playing at any given time.

3) Bearded Bastard:

Products include the Woodsman mustache wax, Woodsman beard oil, and a natural shave oil, but the new company is developing many new man-inspired oils, which will be available soon.

The rest of the list includes:

4) Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-in

5) Booty’s Street Food

6) Brightside Boutique & Tattoo

7) Carousel Bar

8) Casa Diablo

9) City Bird

10) Crock Spot

11) Echo Park Time Travel Mart

12) Lannett

13) Ambarella

14) SolarWinds

15) Air Methods

16) Egg Slut

17) Fojol Bros.

18) Forbes Island

19) Gatherball

20) GymPact

21) Homage

22) Honor & Folly

23) Hot Doug’s

24) Hotlips Pizza

25) jm Curley

26) Kennedy School

27) Labobatory

28) LTO

29) MakeItFor.Us

30) Maximus/Minimus

31) Imogene + Willie

32) Miso & Ale

33) Cavco

34) Winmark

35) AStronics

36) Nathan’s Famous

37) Fortinet

38) Syntel

39) Mudville Flats Boutique Hotel

40) My.Suit

41) OKRA Charity Saloon

42) Pangea Pal

43) PhotoMoto

44) Pizza Brain

45) Restaurant Jezebel

46) Seattle Caviar Company

47) SomethingStore

48) Story

49) Sunday Dinner Company

50) The Beer Dabbler Store

These Companies are the few to get you started on the road to realising your dreams.So quit that office job you hate and start building your dreams because no one is gonna build them for you.

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