10 Things Companies Do Wrong Online

In this day and age everyone wants to stay relevant. Whether its a company or a person everyone wants to be heard and recognised. The crowd moves so fast that yesterday may feel like a year behind a week maybe 10.However,companies still perform various pratcises that only make them loose their traffic but also affects their brand value.These are some of the 10 things companies should stop doing online:

1) Content that does not add value:

Often we see companies posting online about irrelevant stuff mostly pertaining to an ad.As a result the content becomes less relevant to the user and said person decides to skip a page. We get it they need advertising revenue but too much of something really just annoys people.

2) All Websites want to know your location:

How-to websites, and random blogs; it seems that almost every website wants to know your location. Its like a stranger asking for your number when you are taking a random walk on the street.its just weird.

3) Non-mobile friendly websites:

Websites which are not mobile friendly shouldnt even be browsed in the first place.Especially considering the fact that almost 85% americans use mobile phones.

4) Random video ads playing when the screen loads:

We get it when a youtube video is playing but using this feature consistently just annoys your audience because it distracts a person from the content he is reading.

5) Having topics,content,videos not relevant the page:

There is no use of having something just for the sake of it.Often you will see a video or a topic under a headline, only to discover the video is about the person in the article, but not relevant to the actual article or page content.

6) Emails That Are Not Mobile Friendly:

From customer service emails to marketing messages to the page loading on the phone everything should be mobile friendly. You are frustrating a ton of your customers by making it difficult for them to read your content.

7) Making a Twitter account and not using it:

Many Companies do not make use of this most important social media tool which helps you get your message across the masses.People should constantly kept in touch with otherwise you will become irrelevant soon enough.

8) Not Having a Google Plus Business page:

Major brick and mortar companies have wrong Google Plus pages.When companies have taken the time to plan their Google Plus page, but for some unknown reasons decided not to correct wrong information and add useful images.It feels like they don’t care about how people use the Internet.

9) Creating Unnecessary Mobile Applications:

If your customer base does not need to access your product or service on a regular basis, there is no need for you to have a mobile application.Simple as that.

10) Hiding Your Contact Information :

Suppose i met someone at a networking event and tell him about my business.He takes interest but i forget to give him my business card.Do you think hell care to come to you and contact you or trust you after that.Ofcourse not, because its all about trust.When people trust you they buy from you.

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