10 Smart Home-Design Ideas

After buying your dream home putting together a home design that looks good and fits your budget takes a lot of planning. If you have small spaces they can be the either a bane or be a blessing in design disguise with the help of some creative home design. Here are 10 home design ideas that will help you on your way

Do Your Home Design Homework: You must first decide what type of home to build. You have to decide exactly what features or characteristics catch your eye. Make a note of design ideas you see or you are impressed by. Keep all these ideas together for further reference. You don’t have to implement them all but keep them handy so as to fit them in your design plan.

Keep Budget in Mind: Create a home design list and once the list is completed, compare it to your budget and adjust accordingly. One good way to get a handle on your budget is to try using a home design estimator, which gives you a running total of costs as you design your home.

Mix Patterns, Not Colors : Combining prints brings excitement to a room. Set small patterns against large ones, limit your palette, and include one big solid in the scene. Go ahead. This gives a much better effect than mixing colors.

Using Induction cooktops : Induction cooktops are faster, compact and more efficient than gas or electric, and only the cooking vessel gets hot.

Try a Paint Trick : One basic rule of interior design is the rule of 60/30/10. This ratio can help you create a balanced color scheme in your room. Roughly 60 percent of your room should be the dominant color; this is generally the wall color. The next 30 percent should represent secondary color; this can represent an accent wall, a painted bookcase, wainscoting, or furniture, like a large-scale sofa. The remaining 10 percent of the color scheme should be accents, such as art and accessories. This is a basic guideline for getting more out of your room color.

Plan for Expansion: Many a times you can’t afford to build your entire dream house at one go. So its better to plan your home design so that expansion later is not only possible, but easy.

Darken Your Doors: Darkening the doors adds a contrasting effect and lifts the mood of the room.

Digital control : A digital home interface controlled by an Apple iPad or any other tablet, connects the home’s audiovisual, security, climate, and lighting systems.

Don’t Forget the Sun: The position of the sun can affect your home design in many ways, depending on the direction your home faces. Place windows to take advantage of natural light.

High-tech bath: From digital showers to touchless faucets, a high tech bath has mirrored doors of a medicine cabinet slide up to reveal outlets, a defogger control, and an ultra-slim television. The shower’s temperature, steam level, and water pressure can all be programmed.

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