10 Most Surprising Hip-Hop And R&B Baby Names

‘What’s in a name?’ Shakespeare once said.Well if your parents are famous musicians turns out quite a lot.From Kanye West naming his child north west to Beyonce’s Blue ivy,the list continues with the most unusual names which will help them stand out.

After all these kids were never part of the crowd in the first place.Here is the list of the most unusual hip-hop and R&B names we have come across so far:

1. North West
One of the most surprising names in the list is North West.When Kim Kardashian gave birth to her baby girl there were a lot of rumors floating around.However the name north west was settled upon as she was considered a star in her fathers eyes.Plus when you are running for president,you need to have a daughter that stands out.

2. Phoenix Blackfeather
Yelawolf,the american rapper grew up without a father figure.He was often found jumping around homes with his mom and knew he had to be close ti his kids.He also mentions that his kids are developing their hobbies including fashion designing to play writing. Phoenix Blackfeather has one caring father.

3. Jordan, Cross & Bamboo
Antwan AndrĂ© Patton, better known by his stage name Big Boi. The rapper and his wife decided to go against convention to name their kids.he has even rapped about his three kids in songs.’never turn my back on my kids’.Well hes surely a very loving father.

4. Royal Reign
Lil Kim was once the queen of rap presumably for her no bulshit lyrics.When you are the queen of rap,your daughter is definitely royalty.Although the fans seem to have mixed feelings about the young princesses name,it seems to suit her just fine.

5. Royalty
When you are born to chris brown,you are already part of royalty.Nia Guzman and Chris Browns child certainly seems to be getting used to the lavish life.Chris brown has said that since her arrival hes matured more and always makes time for his daughter.

6. Believe Beyond
Rick Love inspires countless people through his inspiring music. No Wonder while naming his kid,his partner and him headed for the stars.They welcomed their daughter in April and hes been busy with his daughter ever since.

7. Blue Ivy
When your father is one of the best rappers in the world and your mom one of the best singers in the world,there is no chance you are an ordinary child.Once the pregnancy rumors were spread,naming of the baby took center stage .Those rumors were put to rest when the baby was named Blue Ivy Cater.

8. California Dream
Rapper ‘the game’ fell in love with his California hometown so much that he not only inked himself with numerable tattoos but named his daughter California dream.

9. Mars Merkeba & Puma Sabti
Erykah Badu is a creative power house whether its with her fashion statement or her bold music.Ordinary was out of the question and that’s how her two daughters got her name.

10. Happy, Tahmel & Aanisah
Macy Gray who won the grammys in 1999 spends most of her time with her kids these days.Her three kids are always with her when they are on the roads.

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