10 DIY Garden Ornaments

Garden d├ęcor is one of those areas where beauty actually lies in the eye of the beholder. Even if you are on a tight budget and only a small plot of dirt that to call a yard, here are few garden ornaments that can transform your outdoor spaces into something beautiful.

Glass Bottle Border

Got a few spare glass bottles to spare? Color them up and use them as a fence.

Outdoor Antique “Sofa”

Use an old baby crib and make it into a cozy outdoor sofa with little effort.

Beautiful Metal flower pot

A metal bucket, white grout and pebbles play the main roles in this project. The result is a beautiful home for your white flowers.

Painted Stones

Just paint over a few pebbles and they offer an unexpected touch to your garden.

Teapot Bird Bath

Stack a tea set o top of eachother making it a chic spot for feathered friends.

Wine box garden

Get few wine boxes and plant flowers in them to make mini gardens.

Bottle Cap Wind Chime

Collect bottle caps to make a easy wind chime.

Picnic Basket Planter

Got an old picnic basket? Get creative and plant beautiful flowers in it.

Concrete Globes

Garden orbs are an outdoor trend that’s been around the block a few times, but this minimalist DIY is a fresh take on the look.

Stacked Tire Planters

These are the perfect re-purpose solution for old tires, and they are great for plants, too. Don’t forget to add a tire swing.

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