10 Best Cities for Public Transportation

Due to ever-increasing numbers, the number of people using public transportation has been on the rise. Governments and local communities are taking the extra effort to expand their public transit services. Public transportation can be considered to be the bane of one’s existence, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. We bring a list of the top ten cities that have the best public transit services.

New York

New York’s public transport is known for delays due to police investigation, or groping, but commuters can swear by their transport. The NYC subway network is a treat to the eyes and ensures that you are comfortable during your journey. In-spite of the hurricane that flooded the tunnels, the services were back on track in no time.


Portland, Oregon is regarded as one of the nation’s leaders in public transit. In the region of downtown Portland, light rail and streetcar rides are free everyday. Wow, isn’t that great? The place is also known for being a haven for cyclists and walkers.

Los Angeles

Even though Los Angeles, California has notorious amount of traffic, it still lands in the list of the top ten cities for public transportation. They city is known for having a huge bus ridership. Currently, billions of dollars are being utilized in a project to expand the light-rail network.


Frankfurt, the business capital of Germany, has fast and reliable transportation. In Frankfurt, one pays for their final destination ticket only. This implies that you can get on and off the transit as often as you wish. There is no extra charge between trains, buses and street cars.


If there is one place in the world where you would want to visit Japan and experience cleanliness in the same place, Tokyo it is! Though public transit may be a little crowded at peak hours, the network is huge. The place is clean and a slight delay will result in immediate announcements. The bullet trains will take your breath away.


The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority successfully operates the public transit in the city of Philadelphia. One can find buses, light rail, trolleys and two subway lines. The Walk Score has awarded a 67 transit score to the public transport of Philadelphia.

Washington, D.C.

If you are visiting Washington, D.C., you have to travel in the Metrorail. It is one of the busiest transit rail systems in US. Currently, the city has undertaken a rebuilding program to improve the transport services like new lighting, signs, and cars.


Boston has been rated as the third most walkable city in the country of U.S. The Green Line is home to the oldest subway tunnel in the country. Boston is the best place to use rail and bus lines is you are looking out for convenience.


Denver’s public transport consists of bus, light rail lines, as well as an airport shuttle service. The MallRide bus lines provides free service for passengers who wish to travel over the city’s mile-long 16th Street Mall. Currently the city has invested billions to expand its transit system to increase light rail, commuter rail, and bus rapid transit lines.


Seoul, South Korea has the best public transportation services across the world. Services are cheaper than Tokyo and has much wider car space. Your transit card works in the buses and taxis and can also be used as a debit card at local convenient stores.

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